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Servicio Geológico Colombiano

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 Geological Map of South America in Google Earth

Geolog​ical Map of South America in Google Earth

CCGM         SGC         Servicio Geológico de Brasil         ASGMI

​             Authors:
            Jorge GÓMEZ TAPIAS, Colombian Geological Survey
            Nohora Emma MONTES RAMÍREZ, Colombian Geological Survey
            Carlos SCHOBBENHAUS, Geological Survey of Brazil

     Download KMZ: ​

   ​​​Adap​ted   by 

Fernando Alirio ALCÁRCEL GUTIÉRREZ is a geologist who graduated from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia and is a specialist in geomatics graduated from the Universidad Militar Nueva Granada. He has been part of the Grupo Mapa Geológico de Colombia since 2012. He has co–authored several publications from the group, including the "Catálogo de dataciones ​radiométricas de Colombia​ en ArcGIS y Google Earth"​, and he is also the first author of the informative Geological Map of Colombia 2019 at a scale of 1:2M.