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 Volume 2 Chapter 7

Chapter  7

Tectonostratigraphic Terranes in Colombia: An Update

Second Part: Oceanic Terranes

By Jean–François TOUSSAINT and Jorge Julián RESTREPO

Pages 159–167

Manuscript accepted March 29, 2019


In Colombia, several oceanic, allochthonous terranes exist west of the San Jerónimo Fault, which is the western limit of large continental terranes. The main terranes are the Calima and Cuna in the Western Cordillera, the Tumaco Suspect Terrane in the southern Western Cordillera and the Tairona Terrane in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta (SNSM). All of them are oceanic terranes that formed in the Pacific Ocean and moved northward to their present positions, where they were emplaced from Late Cretaceous to Miocene times. At least the Calima and Cuna are believed to be part of the Caribbean Plateau. Smaller oceanic terranes are found in the Cauca–Romeral Fault Zone (CRFZ).

Keywords: Colombian tectonostratigraphic terranes, oceanic terranes, allochthonous terranes, Caribbean Plateau, transpressional collisional metamorphism.